Paige Albright Orientals bringing style to Antiques at The Gardens

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

imageIBERIABANK proudly presents Antiques at The Gardens returns to Birmingham Botanical Gardens for the eighth year on October 3 - 6. More than 14 regional and national tastemakers will be featured at this year's event, inspiring ideas of architecture, landscape and interior design.

Paige Albright has a unique eye for oriental rugs. At Paige Albright Orientals in Birmingham, she offers an immaculate selection for purchase and also specializes in rug repair and restoration and consulting and measuring services. She recently spoke to The Gardens about what she will bring as a Tastemaker at Antiques at The Gardens, October 3 - 6.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens: How did your path evolve from and Art History major at Alabama to your current interest and business with antique rugs and rug restoration?

Paige Albright: I worked in the design industry for many years before moving to Birmingham. I was introduced to Alice Schleusner, local rug guru, and worked with her at her oriental rug shop for many years. She is very passionate and knowledgeable. Oriental rugs are an entirely unique art form and a study within themselves. It was fascinating! As well as a very natural fit with my art history background.

The very basic essential of rug knowledge is studying geography and history. Different regions and areas express their artwork through weaving. Each area has individual techniques and trademarks that set them apart. Every time I travel to market, I learn something new.

Paige Albright Orientals
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