Rugs as Rainbows!

Rugs as Rainbows!


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Dig deeper with us into the meaning of color in oriental rugs. From red to violet, each color has its' own meaning and personality in the rug world.

All things derive from nature: land, sky and ocean.

red carpet

Red: Passion and vitality. It also represents blood and fire. Made from Madder Root in Asia, red symbolizes luck


Orange Carpet

Orange: Unconventional and adventurous. Orange is often associated with Buddhists for their known humility, devotion and piety.

Yellow and red mixed create varying shades of orange.


Yellow: HAPPINESS & Energy!
Yellow represents radiance and light from the sun and also the joy of living.

The color yellow is made from saffron and chamomile.


green carpet

Green:Bringing prosperity, balance, health, growth, rebirth and paradise.

According to the Koran, Mohammad's favorite color was green, making it a sacred color.


Blue carpet

Blue: Representing tranquility and a sense of inner peace.

Blue coloring made from Indigo, represents trust and loyalty.


Indigo Carpet

Indigo: A deeper blue, symbolizing wisdom and spiritual realization.


Violet Carpet

Violet: Although used less often in older rugs, violet represents wisdom, peace, introspection, spirituality and is associated with royalty.

Modern Versus Traditional: It's all about the mix
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