Modern Versus Traditional: It's all about the mix

Modern Versus Traditional: It's all about the mix

Are you a modern or traditional person?

Modern is a new perspective on tradition. Tradition is not committed to trends or fashion. The modern mix keeps spaces fresh and relevant.

More often than not we are pairing modern Tibetans with traditional Persian and Turkish rugs in an overall scheme.
It is about unity of color and pattern.

They blend beautifully together and add a new layer
to your already collected space.

Inspiration overload below!


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Mixing a modern Tibetan with collected antique furniture, gives the dining room a whole new feel. (Hi Buddy!)




Traditional patterns are stylized in modern Tibetan rugs.


Juxtaposition of modern and traditional at the Birmingham Museum of Art.




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Modern pieces are inspired from antique color palettes.



 living room  carpet traditional
 This piece by Jan Kath, is one of our favorite in the showroom. Modeled
after a traditional 
Bidjar pattern, this rug is made from wool with a silk
overlay and copper selvage. SO cool!
 Traditional motifs are abstracted in modern pieces.



dining room  living room 2 
 Custom Tibetan for a project in the mountains. Love!
Spring Spruce Up
Rugs as Rainbows!

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