Paige’s knowledge in rugs

Goal: the overall goal of the article is to compel & explain to our audience the benefits of Paige’s knowledge in rugs + set up a free consultation session with Paige.Visit Paige Albright Oriental’s Instagram feed, and you’ll likely spend hours...
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PAO Book Picks!

     A rug connoisseur's reading guide to understanding the world of rugs, textiles and design. This week, cuddle up with a good "rug" read and lose yourself in the world of rugs and design. From Africa, to Afghanistan, to Morocco, to Turkey and...
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Modern Versus Traditional: It's all about the mix

Are you a modern or traditional person?Modern is a new perspective on tradition. Tradition is not committed to trends or fashion. The modern mix keeps spaces fresh and relevant.More often than not we are pairing modern Tibetans with traditional Persian and...
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Spring Spruce Up

Spring's fresh new finds create an instant update to any space.Big or small, adding texture, color and patterncan create a total transformation.Let us help you add a new layer to your collection.Small finds available NOW on shopify:

Rugs as Rainbows!

ROYGBIVGood Vibes Only at PAODig deeper with us into the meaning of color in oriental rugs. From red to violet, each color has its' own meaning and personality in the rug world.All things derive from nature: land, sky and ocean.Red: Passion...
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