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The only thing that can top Paige Albright’s command of Birmingham style is her encyclopedic knowledge of oriental rugs. For the past 20 years, Paige has thoughtfully curated her vast collection of global rugs with her Birmingham clientele in mind. Walking into her Mountain Brook shop, Paige Albright Orientals, is like walking into a museum, where gorgeous pieces of art—snapshots of different cultures around the world—are beautifully displayed. Paige’s impressive and in-depth knowledge is also on display as she walks inquisitive customers through her shop. She takes on the role of docent as effortlessly as she does that of local business owner, curator, designer, appraiser, student, speaker or mother.

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When I was 26 I moved back to Tuscaloosa to take a job selling pharmaceuticals. Moving back to a college town was an interesting experience. I moved into a duplex lined culdesac. My neighbors were other single twenty something women who were stuck in the limbo of no longer being a college student and not getting married or starting a family anytime soon. We just hung out together on "The Circle" too old for college bars and too single for supper clubs.

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Paige Albright joins us today to talk about the art of buying and collecting rugs. Paige, proprietress of Paige Albright Orientals, has a degree in art history and interior design and is considered one of the area's leading rug experts. She offers a well-stocked, curated collection of rugs and textiles in her shop, located on Petticoat Lane in Mountain Brook Village. Welcome, Paige!

image2An Art History major with many years of interior design experience, Paige Albright has a wealth of knowledge and is regarded locally as one of the leading rug experts. Dealing with strictly orientals since 1999, she opened her gorgeous shop located in Mountain Brook Village in 2007 which has one of the largest selections of oriental rugs in the Southeast United States. Paige has a discerning eye and is able to guide her clients through the selection process with expert advice on proper placement, size and style.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

imageIBERIABANK proudly presents Antiques at The Gardens returns to Birmingham Botanical Gardens for the eighth year on October 3 - 6. More than 14 regional and national tastemakers will be featured at this year's event, inspiring ideas of architecture, landscape and interior design.

Paige Albright has a unique eye for oriental rugs. At Paige Albright Orientals in Birmingham, she offers an immaculate selection for purchase and also specializes in rug repair and restoration and consulting and measuring services. She recently spoke to The Gardens about what she will bring as a Tastemaker at Antiques at The Gardens, October 3 - 6.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens: How did your path evolve from and Art History major at Alabama to your current interest and business with antique rugs and rug restoration?

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Cottage-Journal-LOGOPaige Albright, owner of Paige Albright Orientals, specializes in a wide variety of antique Oriental rugs and believes, "There's a story in every stitch." She admits rugs are practical, providing insulation, but notes her clients are more influenced by their beauty and history.

The stitches of the famous Pazyryk Carpet certainly have tales to tell. Found in 1948 in Siberia, the rug is credited with being the world's oldest surviving woven carpet. Literally frozen in time, it is thought to be from the 5th century BC, and it's debated whether it originated in Armenia or Persia (Iran), two prolific centers of carpet production. Along with Turkey, these areas are still hubs for the carpet business today.

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Oriental rugs do double duty, according to Paige Albright.

"Rugs are the one thing that ties everything else together," Albright said. "A rug can warm up your space."

But carefully-chosen rugs are more than just floor coverings.

 "The study of Oriental rugs is very historical," Albright said. "Rugs are made in specific regions, and it's how people expressed their artwork."